Welcome to your Family Portrait Experience

I am so happy you are here! This means we get to create timeless family portraits together that will be cherished for generations. Going beyond the pose to capture your life in motion and telling your families true story. 

Below we have included a few helpful details as you get ready for your Portrait Experience. Including wardrobe details, thinking ahead to your reveal session, and our investment guide. 

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call, text, or email me. I am here for you and ready to to create your best family portraits, ever!

A quick note on what to expect. You’re here, which means step 1 is already complete 😃 and we’re ready to move to step 2+. 

First we start with our design session. Some sessions are more involved than others but this is our time to fully plan your session from location, timing, portrait style, wardrobe selection, and wall-art designs. This what brings your portrait session to life and ensures you walk away with portraits you love!

From your design session we hold your portrait session and then the BIG reveal, where you select your very favorite images from your session and decide where to hang them on your wall! For now, check out the below for starting ideas on wardrobe, what the reveal feels like, and our investment guide. 


What to wear, what to wear?!?!

If you are not sure, have an idea, are stressing a bit, or just want a bit of input, we have you covered. We have included some initial guides on wardrobe selection and styling to guide you. 

When in doubt, reach out. I am here to help guide and support you so please do not hesitate to ask all the questions.

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Tip 1: Keep it Timeless

What do I mean by that? Timeless is simple, clean, designs. Solid colors and conservative styling work best. Objective here is to have your great grandchildren look at these images and not go “what the heck were they wearing?” but rather focus on the faces and interactions of the family. 

In general, try and minimize the fashion trend of the week and keep patterns simple. 

Important note: This is a general rule. We may design your portrait session to be just the opposite and hone in on an eclectic style or specific theme. 

Folsom Family Photographer

♥ Coordinated, not matching. ♥

Tip 2: Color Theory

Coordinating & Compliment. Rather than matching colors, seek to put the family in coordinating  and complimentary colors. 

For summer photos you may look to lighter colors like white, beige, yellow, and sky blue. With the boys in a blue, the ladies can add a pop of color with a complimentary in the orange & yellow color space. 

For fall portraits, think about navy blue, maroon, black, forest green.

Here are a few helpful links on Color Theory and strategies to coordinate colors.

Tip 3: Accessories

Necklace’s, bracelets, rings, watches, hair bands, and glasses, oh my!

Our guide for accessories is similar to Tip 1, keep it simple and keep it timeless. Wear your wedding rings, keep bracelets and necklace’s clean. 

Recommend to remove watches during your session as watches standout and distract in portraits.  

If you wear eye glasses normally, wear them for your session to make sure your portraits represent exactly who you are. 

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Things to consider

Watch out for reds and other bright colors. Red is a touchy color as many people look great in Red. However, red has the tendency to draw the viewer attention away from the face and distract from the purpose of the portrait…your pretty smile! If red is a part of your color palette, keep it darker. 

Black is slimming but loose black can have the opposite effect. Be careful with black clothing that is to loose.

Choose sleeves over sleeveless. Similar to wearing red, sleeveless clothing draws attention away from the face and straight to the arms.

Thinking Ahead to Your Reveal

Your Reveal Session is one of my oh so favorite times with you! Your adrenaline high is just wearing off from your epic portrait session and now it is time to review the best images from your session, select your favorites, and finish deciding where you will display them. 

You may be wondering why we’re talking about your reveal in a welcome message. It is really all about your end state. While we will discuss location, outfits, wall art, and more during your Design Session, right now is the time to begin thinking about what you want to do with your images when all is said and done. 

Look around your home and figure out which walls you would like to put a centerpiece portrait of the entire family or a wall where a nice 3×3 collage of the kids would warm up a space. Your end state will help define the style and direction of your portrait session. 

So, that is your homework. Before we meet again, think about where you see your portraits after you have selected your very favorites. I may just quiz you on it the next time we meet at your design session. 🙂


We talk about the investment in your portraits because when you spend money you consume something without getting anything back. When you invest money, you gain a resource that grows in value. The day you pick up your portraits is the day they will be worth the least. As they will only grow in value as time passes and your family evolves.

Your portrait investment is not only an investment in your family memories but an investment in your home. Wall art that is personal to you and no one else can have. Click below for more details on your portrait investment.