Our Top 10 Photo Spots in Greater Sacramento

Sacramento has some amazing places to offer for family portraits, updated headshots, as well as senior portraits. Here are our top 10 photo spots in Sacramento to create Memorable Moments for your family, your brand, or your Senior. What’s your favorite location to visit? 

Vacaville Hills

There is a special place in Vacaville that creates dramatic, soft light in the early spring and fall. Views over the valley, rocks to climb, and rope swings to enjoy. Summer is great but it can be hot and you will need to wait until between 7-8:00 p.m. to start shooting.

On the opposite side of Brown Street, across from Centennial Park in Vacaville, you can find these hills. Just note, you may need to hop a few cow gates to get back there but once you do, it’s a worthy walk up the hill for some spectacular views and photos.

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Folsom Powerhouse Family Photo

Folsom Powerhouse

A popular spot for family’s, seniors, and business professionals alike, the Folsom Powerhouse (Not the Pub) never disappoints. Several spots to create some variety from country vibe, rocker style, and “indi” filmmaker, we can create just the portraits to fit your style.

Paid parking at Powerhouse, free parking across the street…just be prepared for a bit of a walk if your session is during prime hours, days, and season.

Old Folsom

Don’t stray to far from the Powerhouse and you have a plethora of options in Old Folsom. Such a beautiful place to shoot you can hang out for hours as the sun shifts in the sky and find new places to shoot all throughout the day. Another amazing location for headshot portraits as well.

While you’re there, stop at my most favorite spot in all of Old Folsom, Snooks Candies & Chocolate Factory and ask for their honeycomb sundae!

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One Year Baby Portrait

The “Not So Hidden” Path

Located off East Bidwell behind a business park, you will find a popular bike path for family portraits and walkers and bikers alike. Amazing in Spring, Fall, and Summer, you are sure to find multiple locations to create stunning family photos. For optimal portraits, shoot for April and later October for the best light and color. Look for cross street “Hana Way” and you will be close.

Old Sacramento

An oldy (see what I did there) but a goody, if vintage feel is what you’re seeking, vintage feel is what you’ll get. While a busy spot, some of your favorite family portraits can come from the experience of exploring this space together. Grab some salt water taffy and chill because the town is a wonderful place to explore.

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Village Green Park

Complete with waterfalls, open green space, walking trails, bridges, and lovely sunset views of the foothills. Located in El Dorado Hills in the Serrano Community, Village Green Park is a great place to relax and explore with the family, let the kiddo’s feed some ducks, explore the trails, and capture family photos that are all about those little moments.

El Dorado Hills Town Center

With a Tuscan vibe, EDH Town Center has beautiful areas throughout that change as the light changes through the day. Play around in the amphitheater, grab some FroYo, and walk through the rose garden. We’ll grab some fun, relaxed family pictures along the way and when we find the perfect spot for a group family photo, we’ll pull the family together in fun and exciting ways to ensure we capture the Memorable Moment, not the forced pose. Town center is also a favorite spot for headshots, branding, and business portraits.

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UC Davis Arboretum Family Portrait

UC Davis Arboretum

If you have never been to the UC Davis Arboretum, you are missing out on some beautiful scenery and a relaxing walk-through multiple environments. Enjoy the redwood forest, Australia, New Zealand collection, and walk around the pond in the Asian sequence. Hit the Arboretum in Spring or later Fall and find beautiful blooms for the family portraits you will love. The popular spot in the redwood forest

Auburn Courthouse

A popular spot for Senior Portraits, Headshots and Branding, as well as Families. Auburn courthouse and surrounding Old Auburn brings a charm that can fit right in with your style. Beyond the photo spots, exploring the restaurants and shops in the area can be a great bribe for the kids as well.

Senior Portraits
Father Daughter Family

Home Studio

One of our most favorite spots is our home studio here in El Dorado Hills. Create timeless, memorable, family photos in the comfort of a studio where weather is never a factor. These are not your parents studio portraits (remember Olan Mills?). Studio portraits allow us to create the style that is specific to your home, along with those memorable moments you want displayed. Matched to your home color and décor, this is where studio portraits shine.

Now that you have your favorite spot, check out our other blog on creating Stress Free Portraits with your kids!

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