The Family Letter

It’s a special memory. One you will not soon forget and one your children will relish when they are older. The family letter or for the younger kids, a family drawing, is a cornerstone of your family portrait experience. Setting the tone for your session and providing a family heirloom to secure with your wall art. 

I know my Mom is happiest when…

You remember these letters your kids bring home from school (or you will soon). A fun exercise where they “fill in the blank”. It has questions a long the lines of, “I know my Mom is happy when…”. Inevitably something hilarious gets written like, “…she has wine in her hand.” These letters are so precious and ones we never throw away. It’s a glimpse behind the mirror about how our children see us on a daily basis (sometimes we realize we need to hide the wine better 😊).

If you’ve worked with me in the past, you know I am a big fan of writing letters to our children before the family portrait session. Why? What better way to re-connect with your family than to sit, reflect, and write what makes them unique, what lessons you want to make sure they take with them, and what you want them to know about themselves.

These letters also help connect the family together during their session. You just got all sappy and reflective in writing your letter. Now that energy translates into the genuine hugs and smiles that create those meaningful moments, not a forced pose.

I provide our clients a “fill in the blank” guide and archival quality paper to hand write this letter. That letter is sealed and secured to the back of their portrait or album. The day they hand off their family heirloom, is the day they hand an amazing gift to their children. A portrait of their precious smile with a letter of everything you want your child to know. That is what makes your investment grow over time.

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