Senior Portraits Outfit Guide

Your Senior Portraits are a once in a lifetime event and they should be as unique as you are. Below are a few tips to rock your wardrobe and prepare for your day.


Variety: Take along a variety. Classy, trendy, simple, formal, sporty, colorful. This will give you a versatile look for your photos. Guys: a formal outfit recommended for variety. Girls: a sun hat and dress recommended for variety (depending on the time of year).


Bring along a nice top and bottom. Add on a necklace or watch. Keep it real simple for one outfit. This outfit will focus on your natural beauty and handsomeness first. These outfits always work as yearbook photos too.


This is the case of solids vs. patterns, long sleeves vs. short sleeves, layers vs. no layers. Rather than comparing those, think more of classic or trendy outfits. 

Classic: the classic outfit will be great for your close-up head shot/yearbook photo. These classic photos work best with solid colors, long sleeves, and an accessory or two. Find a solid color that accentuates your eyes and complexion. These photos focus less on the outfit, and more on you. Pro tip: V-neck sweaters or blouses thin your face.

Trendy: for trendy outfits, bring a variety. Plaids, floral, stripes, short sleeves, layers, get creative! These outfits reflect your own style and personality. 

Ask a Friend or Parent: ask someone who will be honest with you. Do those green shorts match your orange top? They will tell you. This is especially helpful with the trendier outfits, and help decide what looks best on you.


Uniform, athletic wear, formal, prom dress? What in your wardrobe speaks: you? Is it your baseball jersey? Your black leather jacket and skinny jeans? That spicy red dress that flies when you twirl? Put it on and smile. We’ll do the rest. Sports: Bring your full uniform and gear! We can get more innovative with your full uniform versus a single jersey. 

BRING PROPS! Time to show off your unique personality. Do you never stop reading? Grab some books and bring them along. Is hockey your life? Jersey on, skates out. You can have photo done at the rink. Obsessed with your ukulele? Pack up your instrument and play it for us at the studio (we’d love to hear you.) Whatever it may be: outfit, interest, or hobby, we will make that unique style of yours shine through our photos. 


It can be easy to accidentally bring the same color in each outfit. Try to find a variety of colors. If you can’t decide, go for tops and bottoms in blues, neutrals, white, and black. Also add in some vibrants for tops: yellow, orange, green, or shades of blue and pink. If you have particular style, go wild! 


All that Hair: Wear your usual style! No need to get extremely fancy. As long as you style your hair so we can see your eyes, you are golden. If you can do hair style changes in 5 minutes or less, you can during your session. We will also assist in fixing hair during your senior photos. 

To Shave or Not To Shave: The 5 o’clock shadow is very hard to remove once your photographs are taken. Gentlemen, a clean facial shave before your portrait is recommended. Thank you in advance good sirs! 

Glasses: If you normally wear glasses, wear them for your session. It will be necessary that you borrow (and promptly return) a set of frames without the lenses from your eye doctor. This will eliminate reflections as well as distortions caused by your glasses. 

Braces: We offer the option to remove braces with digital artwork for a nominal fee.


Why? Focusing on your eyes and smile is the goal of portraiture. Make-up is a great way to accentuate your natural beauty and bring out those key features. We recommend applying some natural and neutral make-up for your photo session. Foundation & Concealer Blends skin tones and covers blemishes. No worries about getting it absolutely perfect. We will professionally touch up any blemish and color correct skin tones where needed. (Gentlemen, you can use foundation and concealer too.) Mascara, Eyeliner, & Eyeshadow Use eyeliner and mascara to frame your eyes. Neutral and matte eyeshadow colors are recommended. 

Avoid frosted and extreme shimmers-those will produce a glow when photographed. Blush Adds contour and color to your facial structure. Use matte colors. Shimmers/glitter will produce a slight glow when photographed. Translucent Powder Sets the make-up and helps reduce shine. Reducing shine will also help prevent reflecting light from indoor lighting and sunlight. Lip Color Adds that extra splash of color and brightens your smile. 

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