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Professional Real Estate Photography and Videography is proven to create more engagement, sell your listing faster, and sell above asking price.* 

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iPhone Kitchen 2

NOT BAD! Commonly seen listing image. Taken with an iPhone 11 Pro, it does a decent job but leaves something to be desired.

Pro Camera

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But I have a professional DSLR, why do I need to pay a professional? The best camera’s in the world, cannot see a scene like our eyes. Our brains adjust color and light and balance all of that data, allowing us to see the beautiful world in front of us.

Understanding how light sources cast different colors, controlling those colors, and exposing a room so you see all of it’s beauty is where a professional can set your listing apart.

Pro Photographer

Sacramento Real Estate Photography

What you get when you combined the equipment with the knowledge and skills to create top quality images.

On average, Agents that use professional real estate photography sell their homes for up to $19,000 above asking price and up to 3 weeks faster.*

Why Brad & Backlight Photography?

Brad is a local photographer with 5 years of experience. There is no shortage of photographers who possess the technical skill for great photos. With Brad you get a professional who understands your needs as a top agent, respects your time, and respects your clients time and property. See more about our philosophy here.

Level Up Your Listing With Video!

Video brings buyers into the home and tells a story simple images cannot. Video improves search engine rankings, improves conversion rates, and builds trust with clients through familiarity with your brand.

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