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Meaningful Moments. Not Forced Poses.™

Do overly posed photos seem contrived to you?

Are you the parent that loves being a fly on the wall watching your kids at play?

Is a favorite moment reading to your children?

Is the first thing that comes to mind on the weekend, “What are we doing today”, as a family?

If you’re a Lego mom or dad, we’re going to get along just fine.

Parker Family Photographer

That moment your child gives that infamous smirk. The moment your spouses’ eyes light up with love. The unbridled joy of your child sharing an accomplishment with you. Your family giggling because of an inside joke. These are the moments that tell the true story.

It’s these Memorable Moments where life thrives. You want portraits that represent your true selves. Portraits that are not forced poses that bring to life the personality underneath.

Photos are often referred to as still photography. But life is not still. Life is in motion. It’s one fleeting moment after another. My role as a portrait photographer is to have the instinct to capture those moments that not only become a fond memory but a treasured moment. To create photos that crack the surface, go beyond the pose and tell a story. Moment by moment.

Sacramento Family Photographer

How we help you tell your story

A Stress Free Portrait Experience!

Never have to worry about what’s next. From wardrobe design, professional hair and makeup, artwork design, all the way through to artwork installation in your home, your entire experience is on us!

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Let’s Chat!

Your portrait experience includes an in-person or phone consultation to design your dream photo shoot. This is your opportunity to share your expectations and and portrait desires. We will discuss ideas on posing, wardrobe and styling to make sure that your vision becomes a reality. Once your session is booked, we will provide you  with styling guides that will help you prepare for an amazing photo shoot experience.

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Let’s Design

Your portraits are not just another image. They are about you, at this time in your life. As your photographer, we spend the time with you to design your portrait from wardrobe, props, color palette, and style so that your portrait truly speaks to who you are. 

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Let’s Create

Where all your vision and story comes to life. You are guided through creating portraits that speak to your true self. Be comfortable and confident throughout your entire portrait experience.

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Let’s Reveal

May be the most exciting part of our time together. A private portrait reveal and wall art design experience where you select your most favorite portraits and decide on the wall art to purchase for your home. We’ll even install your wall art in your home. Truly Done For You!

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My Story

I was once asked, what is the thing that drives you the craziest? My ultimate answer, Living Life on the Surface. Life is so much more than our outward selves and the things happening to us. Life is beyond the weather, the job, the inauthentic you. It is about the true connection we have to other human beings.

After 18 years in Corporate life, I knew I needed something different, something more. A corporate career was just not how I wanted to experience life. Photography is about that singular moment where an entire chapter of your life is told. Below the surface of that portrait is everything we are about as individuals and as a family.

Throughout my corporate career, my instincts served me well. When to stick with a job, when to move on, when to take risks and try something new. These instincts have carried over into my business. It is about the intuition to play off certain energy, seeing a scene that fits a family’s personality, and instinctually seeing when the shutter needs to be pressed…forever capturing that moment that speaks to you.

I’ve always known I was destined to do something meaningful in this world and to be able to bring that meaning to individuals and families, where they can treasure those moments, is why I cannot wait to work with you.

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What does a family portrait experience look like?

Check out our behind the scenes video of a recent lifestyle portrait session.

Let's Chat!

Three ways to create Meaningful Moments. Not Forced Poses.TM during your next portrait session.