What do I mean by “lean in to yourself”?

For years I have personally struggled with my self perception. Big ears, big nose, “lenky”. Growing up, my ears all anyone pointed out (by anyone I should say all the kids in school). Like many of us, I did not enjoy taking pictures because just looking at it was listening to your own voice; is that how I really sound? how I really look? Cringe worthy.

Since making the decision to be a full time professional photographer, I have a need to practice variations lighting techniques, new compositions, and simply experiment so I can bring my clients the best possible portraits of themselves and their family. In order to do this, I need a test subject. That often ends up being myself. The prospect of spending an hour in front of a camera over and over again doesn’t exactly scream party to my wife and daughter (they do at times appease me).

How has being my own test subject changed my perception of myself? In three main ways: 1) Simply being comfortable with a camera pointed at you, 2) Looking at image after image of yourself has a surprising effect of acceptance, 3) A good photographer can really bring the best out in you 🙂

There is also one additional way this has improved my confidence, and that is, I get to Lean in to Myself! That is, be my true self in front of the camera. The effect this has is that when I look at the images now, it reflects who I feel I am on the inside. The standard photography experience is often awkward, told to pose in the most common ways, and “say cheese” (which produces no natural expression).

This is what I strive to bring to my clients. An experience that allows them to truly lean into who they are for the most natural portraits that scream “that is me!”. Because, we love you, for you who are.

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