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Meaningful Moments | Not Forced Poses

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FREE Family Portrait Session (Worth over $800!)

It’s those Memorable Moments where life thrives. You want portraits that represent your true selves. Portraits that crack the surface and bring to life the personality underneath. 

 Hurry! The deadline to enter is May 25th.

Check out this Behind The Scenes video from a recent family lifestyle session. What experience can we create with your family?

Meaningful Moments |

Not Forced Poses

Backlight Photography is Sacramento area families who want to capture photos as unique and wonderful as their family! They should love being together, be a little adventurous, and ready to work with us to create memories and portraits to last a lifetime. Family Portrait sessions often cost $600-$1000 or more, but this session will be completely FREE; as long as you are okay with us using the photos on our website and social media.

As our thanks to you and your family we will even include a premium 8×10″ matted and framed print (valued at $197). You will have the opportunity to purchase additional photos if you like, but there is absolutely no obligation.

Why are we doing this? We have been developing a whole new approach to coaching our families that is all about capturing emotion and not poses. The experience is like a fun weekend getaway with the family, filled with laughter, love, and connection. We want to put our feelings based approach to the test without the normal worry of shooting “what’s expected” from a typical family portrait session (a-la matching plaid shirts in a field, ama right?!).

If this sounds like you and your Family then simply click the button below and we will speak soon!

*Digital files and prints are not included and can be purchased separately during your Reveal Session.

Family Portraits Capturing the Moments that Matter

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About Brad & Backlight Photography

I was once asked, what is the thing that drives you the craziest? My answer, Living Life on the Surface. Life is so much more than our outward selves and the things happening to us. Life is beyond the weather, the job, the inauthentic you.

I believe in cracking the surface. I believe you deserve portraits beyond the pose, that get to the core of who you are. You, Your Family, are valued, loved, appreciated. Portraits should capture those Memorable Moments that show how valued and loved you are.

Our mission is to capture and bring those moments to life. They are what living is all about.

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How It Works


A Few Questions

Just a few quick questions about your family to get us started and we’ll be in touch.


A Quick Chat

I’m a talker and love to chat 🙂

Our chat is though is where I get to listen and learn a bit more about your family. If the experience and services I offer still sound good to you, I will move you forward as one of our finalists 


Your Best Portraits

If you are selected as one of our winners, this is where we create your best family portrait experience, ever!

I look forward to creating Meaningful Moments. Not Forced Posses. For you and your family!

Enter to Win a FREE Family Portrait Experience!