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Specializing in family portraits, headshots, and business branding.

Welcome to Backlight Photography. My name is Brad and I specialize in family photography, headshots, individual branding, and business branding. Based in Parker and serving the greater Denver region, I seek to work with families who love being together, individuals who want to look and feel their best, and small business owners who seek to engage their clients in an authentic way.

Family Portraits

Where we create Meaningful Moments. Not Forced Poses. 

What makes your family tick? When you see that genuine joy in your childs, spouse, or partners eyes, where are you and what are you doing? Hiking, playing with Lego’s, reading?

These are the moments we seek to create and capture so you walk away with portraits that tell the story of your family at this moment in time.


Headshots & Branding

Your headshot shows people who you are. Your brand tells people what you do and what you stand for.

Whether you are getting your first headshot or refreshing your look, your first impression matters, now more than ever in our digital world. See 5 Reasons Your LinkedIn Profile Picture Matters

Your brand image begins to shape customer and client perceptions.


Further Ways We Create With You

I was once asked, what is the thing that drives you the craziest? My ultimate answer, Living Life on the Surface. Life is so much more than our outward selves and the things happening to us. Life is beyond the weather, the job, the inauthentic you. It is about the true connection we have to other human beings.

After 18 years in Corporate life, I knew I needed something different, something more. A corporate career was just not how I wanted to experience life. Photography is about that singular moment where an entire chapter of your life is told. Below the surface of that portrait is everything we are about as individuals and as a family.

Throughout my corporate career, my instincts served me well. When to stick with a job, when to move on, when to take risks and try something new. These instincts have carried over into my business. It is about the intuition to play off certain energy, seeing a scene that fits a family’s personality, and instinctually seeing when the shutter needs to be pressed…forever capturing that moment that speaks to you.

I’ve always known I was destined to do something meaningful in this world and to be able to bring that meaning to individuals and families, where they can treasure those moments, is why I cannot wait to work with you.

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